Keeping Up With Changing Times

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We are living in the most technology advanced, most liberal and most accepting times. With these changes the way people act and think, the way schools teach and what they teach and the way businesses run and do things have all changed. They have adapted to changing times.

Who has benefited?There have been increases in diploma in tourism this is because this is a growing industry. You will learn things like management and running hotels. You will learn how to deal and interact with agents and clients. This is a very social industry so you will become a more open person.

WSQ diploma courses are new ways of teaching employees and enhancing their skills. They combine new techniques with old but relevant structures.

Adapting is the keyWe live in a world where the environmental factors related to businesses are constantly changing, so business have to come up with new techniques to succeed, if they fail to adapt they will fail. They need to keep an eye on political factors, economic factors, social factors and technology factors because all of these factors have an effect on the way businesses will operate. Three have been introduction of virtual teams and also the way manager’s control and lead them have changed, this is what you call adapting.

Be more acceptingThe world has become more diverse, thanks to things like social media and improvements on travel there are less cultural differences between people. Also there is a breakaway from traditional cultures, now women are expected to be among the labor force and people are more welcoming to big corporations.

Disadvantages of changing timesChanging times have brought about more positives than negatives however the negatives do exist. Changing times has broken down many needless cultural traditions however with globalization and the introduction of foreign corporations many useful traditions and cultural aspects have been broken; many people complain that the world is becoming more westernized.

Many people are exposed to television shows, celebrities and the internet where things like drugs and alcohol are glorified. This causes more kids and people to think that this lifestyle that they want. This can cause kids to drop out of school and there can be an escalation in violence.

It has a adverse effect on the environment. With more businesses and vehicles there has been an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases into the environment and this has increased global warming. Also with more businesses there is an increase in deforestation adding to global warming and wiping out the homes of animals.