The 3 Types Of Storage Facilities To Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

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The industry of storage rental have become fast growing due to its high demand for the services. Mostly in the congested parts of the world where space can be limited this facility is considered an essential to store valuables if sufficient space is not readily available at the place of residence. There are different options that you can choose from when considering storage space and each option can have their own advantages and disadvantages. The three basic types are considered below: If you are interested about business storage units you can visit this site

Facilities with their own locations
These companies are based in their own locations and sites and the main attraction of these facilities are climate control and state of the art security for customer belongings. These types of storage facilities are appealing to the people who are not very price conscious but are highly particular about the security and assurance given by a professional serviced facility. Other advantages include the convenience provided by the service to the customer, it is a one stop service and all the shifting starting from where the mover collects the items, provides an inventory and swiftly moves the items to the site are all taken care of by the facility without a hassle. The disadvantage is the obvious pricing of such a detailed service and sometimes the units are only accessible through an appointment.

DIY- Self storage
One of the more popular types of storage space rental in Singapore, are large storage facilities that are available on a particular location at different sizing and requirements as per the client’s needs. The items that are stored in this type of facility can be stored in a way that you prefer. Further, you can also mix and match any of the features you require or do not require as you wish. This eliminates most of the unnecessary costs incurred and there is enough flexibility for change. The disadvantage is risk of damage through transportation as it is not provided by the storage provider.

Mobile storage
This type of storage facilitates a unit where the loading and unloading can be done at your residence. Most of these are mobile units such as vans, trailers, flat bed trucks. The most convenient feature allows the storage to come to you literally as they are movable and are vehicles so there is no need to outsource this part of the storing service and is also great if you do not need regular access to your belongings. However, a disadvantage would be the caliber of professionalism when it comes to the movers as there can be damages whilst moving items.

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