When Couples Face Problems With Conception

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Many couples, about ten percent in the world, are found to face problems when they try and conceive. It has been found that causes can lie with a man and a woman, both and there are tests that can be undergone in order to find the underlying causes for the failure in conceiving among a couple.

Infertility in men

Many communities tend to point their fingers towards women when a couple is unable to conceive, but the opposite is found to be true as per statistical findings. Male infertility is often the case which goes undetected when men do not get their fertility tests done. There are different tests that are conducted such as sperm motility analysis for fertility tests in men. A man can experience infertility problems due to hormone disorders, could suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and infections as well as suffering from trauma to his reproductive organs. There can be different kinds of fertility problems such as sexual dysfunction, medication, causes, testicular cancer and other kinds of conditions such as sickle cell anemia.

Fertility tests for men

Infertility in men is easier to detect. The medical and sexual history of a man is noted and then a physical examination is done. When everything is found to be normal the doctor then schedules a semen analysis for the man. This checks the sperm of the man for different properties such as motility, morphology, concentration and number of moving, normal sperm that are produced. When sperms are deformed or lack in concentration, they are unable to fertilize an egg successfully. Many clinics where IVF Singapore success rate is high, they offer treatment for infertility conditions for men and women which increases their chances of conception.

Treatments for male infertility

Infertility conditions in men are treated as per the nature of the problem found. There are drug therapies that help counter and boost the sperm count; infections can also be fought by such therapies which help improve sperm health and count. In case obstructions are found, these are solved by surgery. In other cases assisted methods are used. Sperms are treated in a centrifuge or through a wash to reduce abnormal sperms. The sperms are then combined in the in vitro fertilization lab method where the healthy sperms and eggs are put together in a Petri dish, allowing for natural fertilization of the egg. Such methods are used when sperms of a man are found immobile and are unable to fertilize eggs normally. IVF procedures and treatments for infertility have helped many men and women find chances of conception.